Consultations with cake tastings are complimentary and are reserved for tiered cakes serving 80 guests or more. They are scheduled by appointment only.  To request a consultation, please fill out and email a Consultation Request Form.

Minimum Order
There is a $350 minimum total order for all Wedding and Large Special Occasion Cakes.  Your total order, including delivery fees (if applicable) and special decorations must equal $350 or more.  

Kitchen Cakes are available at $2.50/serving and can be added after a minimum of a tiered cake for 100 is ordered.

A $100 deposit is required to reserve my services for your date. The deposit is applied to the final balance of your order.  Three weeks before your wedding, the final balance is due. A refundable Accessory Deposit is also required for all tiered cakes for the items used in the assembly and display of your cake. This deposit (in a separate check) is due along with your final payment for the cake.

Delivery to many Triangle area venues are included in the price of your cake. Deliveries beyond 20 miles are charged a minimum $25 fee plus mileage. Long distance deliveries are available and are charged on a "per mile plus travel time" basis.  I am sorry, but I do NOT offer Sunday deliveries.  We are closed on Sundays.

Unless I am personally creating handmade sugar flowers for your cake, flowers are not included in the cost of your cake.  If you use fresh flowers, please discuss this with your florist and have them set aside the flowers and have them waiting on or near the cake table (in water, please) so that they are ready for me to place on the cake when I arrive at the venue.  I am happy, and prefer to arrange the flowers on your cake for no additional charge.

We accept Personal Checks, Cash or Money Order.  No credit or debit cards.

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